Golf cart and Low speed vehicle insurance

Golf carts and low speed vehicles (LSVs) are growing in popularity because they are convenient, relatively easy to operate, and versatile. Golf carts, whether electric or gas powered, are ideal for hauling things around your yard, gardening, visiting friends in the neighborhood, going to the pool or club house, and of course golfing. With top speeds up to about 15 miles per hour, golf carts are usually driven locally around country clubs or gated communities. However, coverage may also be available for limited use on public streets, so talk with your local Safeco independent agent about rules in your area. LSVs (also called neighborhood electric vehicles) differ from golf carts in a couple of ways. They have a higher top speed of around 25 miles per hour and also have safety features such as seat belts, running lights, turn signals, rear view mirrors, and brake lights. LSVs can be used on public roads with a maximum posted speed limit of 35 miles per hour. Note: unless the LSV is used only for golfing, it will be insured on a Safeco auto policy, which gives you all the necessary coverage to comply with state requirements for road use.